Tiles stacked on roof joists ready to be installed

Do I Need A Roof Strip & Re-Tile

If you think you need a new roof, is a strip and re-tile always the answer?

We specialise in all roofing services and cover everything from minor repairs, to strip and re-tiles and complete new roofs, we know when you need a strip and re-tile and when you don’t. We will only quote for the work that is necessary.

If you do need a strip and re-tile there are options. We can strip and re-tile the property using the existing tiles or slates and match in any extra tiles or slates that may be required. We have access to a vast range of colours in either clay or concrete tile.

Should your roof have badly deteriorated we can strip away the existing tiles, replace the felt with either traditional felt or the new, more advanced Tyvek, then fit new battens before re-fixing the original tiles, replacing only any damaged ones and then re-bed the hip and ridges. This process gives an old roof a new lease of life without the expense of new tiles.

So, don’t delay. If you’ve worried that you might need a new roof, give us a call and let’s look at the options together.

For a FREE roof repair quotation, call us on 01753 358 267 or complete our enquiry form and we’ll be in touch.

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