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    A passion for tradition

    Repairing or replacing a heritage or listed building roof needs to be done with the utmost care & attention to detail. From sourcing perfectly matching tiles & slates to the way traditional materials are installed.

    Keay Roofing Services are roofing experts who leave absolutely nothing to chance to ensure older & historical properties maintain their unique character & charm.

    Our thorough knowledge of traditional materials makes sure any new work fits seamlessly with the existing fabric of the building. Where old techniques are required to get the desired effect, we have the necessary knowledge & skills.

    We work closely with the appropriate authorities & other trades to make sure all rules & regulations are adhered to.

    Our five star rated roofing teams cover:

    Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, North & North West London, West London, South & South West London, South Hertfordshire, South Oxfordshire, Middlesex, Northamptonshire and North Surrey.


    Sensitive solutions that preserve & protect

    We understand older roofs

    The problem faced when maintaining a heritage or listed building is that it represents a certain character to a town and its people. As such, any roofing work needs sensitive handling. Not just to maintain the original integrity of the roof, but to also preserve its authenticity.

    Original features dating back to when the building was built, are likely to have suffered from years of wear and tear. Integral features such as wooden pegs may be suffering damage from woodworm or rot, and original tiles missing or cracked.

    Keeping these authentic roofing materials in good condition is paramount to the efficiency of a heritage or listed building roof and protecting the underlying structures. When damage to them occurs, it can result in serious problems with drafts, ventilation, structural integrity and damp.

    Listed Building Consent

    Prior to carrying out any works to alter a listed building in any way that affects its architectural character or historic interest, you must first obtain consent from the local planning authority. It is a criminal offense not to have the consent when work is being carried out, so it is important that your local authority has given the work the ok.

    Your first step is to check with your local authority Conservation Officer if consent is needed for the planned work. When speaking with the Office, it is also advisable to request an outline of what might be considered acceptable and whether the works may need adapting so they stand a greater chance of approval.

    Within your application make sure to consider the desirability of preserving the building, its setting and those features which make it special, as planning authorities give this particular attention when deciding to grant or refuse an application.

    Please visit the following websites for more information:

    Historic England planning permission for listed buildings and other heritage assets.

    Historic England listed building consent.

    Government’s Planning Portal.

    Roof Repairs & Maintenance

    Your roof is your first line of defence against the elements. Unfortunately, older roofs are more likely to suffer damage caused by the years of wear and tear it accumulates over time. Conducting timely repairs is a priority to ensure that it not just remains aesthetically pleasing, but to preserve the entire building for many years to come.

    Keay Roofing Services carry out high-quality roof repairs and maintenance to fix leaks, mend general wear and tear, and restore damage caused by bad weather.

    For repairs that you think might be an insurance claim, we can also work with your insurers to ensure effective remedial action is carried-out.

    As a proactive approach to maintenance, we also offer regular roof inspections to identify and rectify signs of damage early and ensure your roof remains in good working order.

    New Roofs on Old Buildings

    It is not uncommon for heritage and listed building roofs to be stripped and replaced entirely to achieve a watertight finish and maintenance-free solution.

    When that time comes, Keay Roofing Services have the necessary training and experience to carry out this specialist roof replacement service.

    Throughout the project, our commitment to high standards is assured. From the careful combination of both modern and traditional materials and techniques, to ensuring that disruption to your home is minimised and the job is completed safely, on time and to budget.

    If needed, we can add roof insulation, something that many listed buildings lack, to improve the heat retention properties of your building.

    We also ensure that the correct building regulations are maintained and adhered to throughout. To guarantee this, we liaise with the local authorities and the council for the duration of the contract.

    Chimney Stack Repair & Removal

    Chimneys are prominent features in listed buildings, so it is important that they stay in full working order. They require adequate ventilation to ensure that the heat from the fireplace is moving away from your home. They should also be structurally sound to prevent against collapse or possible house fires.

    If you are concerned about signs of possible damage or disrepair, we provide a full chimney investigation, maintenance and repair service to resolve problems quickly with minimum disruption.

    Where damage has occurred, we can repair and replace lead flashing and chimney stacks. We can also repoint chimney stacks, cap off chimney pots and fit chimney cowls. .

    If your chimney is no longer in use, or extensively damaged, we can also remove it completely to eliminate any future problems.

    Roof Moss Removal

    While moss on a roof can add a certain charm to an older property, when is runs out of control it can cause serious damage that leads to costly repairs. With the help of Keay Roofing Service, you can keep your roof moss-free and in good working order.

    Moss will happily grow on most roofing materials including traditional clay and slate tiles typically found on heritage and listed building roofs. Whilst it may seem harmless, it has been known to slowly degrade roofs and eventually allow water into homes.

    Loose moss is also well known for falling into gutters, creating blockages and overspills that cause water damage to property. Another problem that can incur additional expense for repairs.

    Our roof moss removal service for heritage and listed buildings is effective at removing moss while being careful to preserve existing roofing materials and the underlying structures.

    Gutters Soffits & Fascias

    Keay Roofing Services offer high quality repairs and replacement of guttering, soffits and fascia boards that preserve the authenticity of historical properties and protect them from water damage.

    Whether you require a completely new roofline, a repair to a leaking connection, or leaves and debris removed from blocked gutters we are here to help.

    When repairing or replacing your roofline, we offer a wide range of high-quality materials including cast iron or aluminium that helps retain the historical accuracy of period properties.

    Conservation VELUX Windows

    Adding a VELUX roof window is ideal for bringing natural light and ventilation into your home when converting your loft or adding an extension.

    For historical properties, the VELUX range includes a classic conservation window specifically designed to blend tastefully into the roof of period homes.

    To double your daylight or create panoramic views you can also combine VELUX roof windows by simply adding an additional fixed, sloping element.

    Relax, your roof is in safe hands.


    High Standards

    We conform to current roofing regulations & are committed to producing the highest standards of workmanship. Our roofers comply with all Health & Safety requirements.


    Customer Care

    From start to finish we handle every aspect of your roofing project with care & respect to you, your home & your belongings. From a punctual arrival, to working in a clean & tidy fashion we keep disruption to a minimum.



    Our reliable team of roofers bring a wealth of experience to every job. Taking pride in their work, they deliver exceptional workmanship & are always on hand to offer honest advice based on their professional expertise.


    “My experience with Keay Roofing Services was very good. The whole process from estimate, scaffold erection, roof work, scaffold strike and site clear up was carried out professionally and with good humour.”

    David P, 23 December 2020


    “I used them again for a second time last week, and was delighted with the integrity and promptness of their work keeping my tenant and therefore myself free from anxiety following a roof leak. I have recommended their services to my closest friends as I know Keay Roofing Services will not let my reputation down.”

    Ed Waddleton, 25 March 2021


    “The repairs to our roof were promptly assessed and were carried out efficiently, both with regard to the time period specified and in accordance with the itemised quote, including the erection and removal of the scaffolding required.”

    Claire D, 29 September 2020

    What is listed building consent?

    Listed building consent is permission from your local authority to make certain changes to a listed building.

    Do I need to gain listed building consent to add or replace roof windows?

    Yes. Listing status covers the entire building, internal and external. This means that work which requires consent might include the replacement of windows.  We advise that you check with your local conservation officer prior to carrying out any works.

    Do minor changes or repairs need listed building consent?

    Yes. You need to seek consent for any changes which affect the special interest of your building. Deciding whether special interest is being affected lies with your local planning authority’s conservation officer.

    Will I need planning permission as well as listed building consent?

    Many external changes to buildings (both listed and unlisted) require planning permission. You can find out if you need permission from the government’s planning portal If you need both, you can apply for them at the same time.

    If you need both to make external changes to a listed building, you can apply for them at the same time via your local authority.

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