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Is Your Roof In Tip Top Condition After The Recent Strong Winds?

As the UK has been hit by strong winds several times recently, we wanted to highlight how important it is to make sure your roof remains in good condition following any storm damage.

How does wind damage roofs?

Strong winds can create stress points on your roof which if left, may lead to more costly damage over time. Aside from the more common loosening of tiles and shingles, strong winds may also be the cause of impact damage from flying debris or falling branches and trees. This then leaves a roof in a weakened state that causes more damage as the roof structure and your home becomes exposed to the elements.

Most wind damage to roofs can be found on the edges. This makes sense, as strong winds can easily get below any loose tiles or flashings and push it up. This type of damage can seem very minor at the time, but can lead to substantial damage and can get worse after every new bout of strong winds.

It’s therefore important to identify issues fast, and get them fixed quickly to prevent any more costly damage to your home.

How to spot potential wind damage on your roof.

To spot any external issues first walk around your house and check the roof for any loose or cracked tiles.

On flat roofs look for patches, cracks or tears, blisters or wrinkles.

Scrutinise gutters by looking for any signs of leaking seams, loosened fastenings or sections of guttering that are sagging or missing. Check too for blockages in guttering or downpipes caused by moss or leaves blown in on high winds.

Keep an eye on your chimney for loose or missing flashing, damage to brickwork or the chimney cap.

On your soffits and fascias look for signs of decay or staining which could indicate water is finding it’s way through the protective roof layer.

You can also spot roof damage from inside your house. Look out for moisture marks on the walls or ceiling, check out for any brown, yellow or grey stains and peeling paint. This can be an indication of a water leak from damaged roof. Be sure to also keep an eye out for any damp patches or leaks up in your loft.

How to prevent wind damage to your roof

Keep overhanging branches and trees pruned and away from your roof. Not only will this help avoid damage from falling branches, but it will also stop wear and tear caused by branches that touch your roof as they scratch and gauge roofing materials as they’re blown by the wind.

Fix any loose or broken tiles prior to the arrival of high winds. Not only will this protect your roof but also neighbouring property from the potential damage caused by flying tiles and debris.

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If your roof has suffered following the high winds we’ve seen, we can help you to assess the damage and carry out high quality repairs.

We also provide provide a call out service for those “emergency” roofing problems. Our team of roofers will make sure sufficient temporary measures are in place to ensure your property is safe, before providing an in-depth assessment of damage to assist with your insurance claim. We will then complete repairs to your roof. Just call us on 0800 1577424 and leave the rest to us.

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