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Why Your Roofline Matters

Your roofline is a series of boards that run along the space that connects your roof to your walls. It’s made up of several different parts including fascias, soffits, bargeboards, capping boards and guttering.

Each of these does a slightly different job, but all are equally important in weatherproofing your home, preventing leaks and problems with water damage.


A fascia is a board that is installed at the front and rear of your house. It is fitted  onto the bottom edge of your roof. It’s main jobs are to hold roof tiles in place, create a solid foundation for guttering, and protect your rafters from absorbing water (which can lead to damp and rot). Fascias need to be of a high quality, to ensure that they can deal with the demands of their job.


Your soffits sit behind your fascias, so can be pretty hard to see. To get a good look, you will probably have to stand right up against your wall, and look up. Their main roles are to protect your rafter ends from moisture and dampness, and also to seal any spaces that will allow birds or rodents to infiltrate your roof space. Soffits also play an important part in your roof ventilation, ensuring a movement of air through your roof space to help prevent damp, which can lead to rot.


Your bargeboards are effectively the same as your fascias, but sit on the diagonal edge of your home. They work the same way as your standard fascias, offering the same protection to your rafters and helping to weatherproof your home. They do not provide any structural support as they do not hold the weight of your guttering.


Guttering is the system used to transport water away from your home when it rains. It consists of a set of pipes, which picks up water falling from your roof and leads it to your drains. Guttering is anchored to your fascias, so replacing one can sometimes mean replacing the other. It is usually made from cast iron, or lighter uPVC. Both of these materials are used because of their strength and durability, a necessary trait when holding gallons of water at a time.

Traditionally, elements of your roofline were made from wooden boards, which required regular maintenance and painting to maintain their weatherproofing. The trouble with this is that wood tends to rot, so a more modern alternative has been to use uPVC boards. These boards do not rot, and require far less maintenance in order to continue working efficiently.

Your roofline is an important barrier, protecting your home from potential weather damage. If you believe any part of yours could do with a service, or that it needs replacing, please feel free to give Keay Roofing a call. Call us on 01753 358267 or speak to us on live chat.

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