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Why Summer Is The Best Time To Check for Roofing Problems

During summer, you would be forgiven for not paying much attention to your roof. After all there aren’t any leaks so you must be fine, right? The fact is that whilst your roof may appear trouble free, there are often hidden problems which are best dealt with during the summer months.


Ventilation is a very important part of a healthy roof. Without it, excess moisture can build up in your attic which can cause your rafters to rot. Thanks to the additional heat from the summer sun, followed by cooler nights, your roof is likely to build up moisture. This makes it essential to have a good air flow, transporting moisture away from your roof.

To find out the current state of your roof ventilation, go up into your attic and check for damp spots, mould patches, and a musty smell. If you find any of these problems it’s best to call in a roofing expert, such as Keay Roofing Services, to do a more thorough investigation and provide advice on improving your ventilation.

Moss Growth

Moss growing on a roof is a common problem for many homes. Particularly those with a north facing roof or during cold wet summers.  When left for too long, the moss can actually start to anchor itself to your tiles, making it harder to get off. When this happens, the moss can start to build up moisture which can have a damaging effect on your roof and even allow water to enter into your home.

If you feel like the moss on your roof is getting out of hand, you should never pressure wash it away. This course of action runs the risk of damaging shingles and tiles.  Instead a professional roofer will be able to safely and effectively remove moss so your roof is transformed to its former glory.

UV Radiation

Your roof can take a real beating during the summer. It is constantly absorbing UV radiation, causing it to suffer sun damage as roof shingles dry out. These then become cracked and fall off. This leaves your roof with unsightly holes and no protection from the elements. This problem is usually associated with older roofs, and can often be a sign that they are in need of significant repair or replacement.

Wind And Rain

Despite summer offering plenty of sun, the weather can (and often does) take a turn for the worse. These changes are usually short, but can be significant enough to cause damage to your roof. When the wind changes sharply, any loose or unsecured tiles can fall off leaving a holes. When coupled with heavy summer showers or storms, this can let a lot of unwanted water into your attic.

After any summer storm, it is always advisable to check the integrity of your roof. This is to ensure it remains an efficient means of protecting your home.

Preventing Damage

To keep your roof problem free we advise undertaking the following checks each summer:

  • Look for for bumps, missing tiles, cracked shingles, broken gutters and areas for general maintenance.
  • Clean out your gutters regularly removing moss and leaves.
  • Check your attic for damp smells, mould patches, and ventilation problems.

For more information about dealing with roofing problems, please feel free to give us a call. Keay Roofing Services are Competent Roofer, NRFC and Which? Trusted Trader qualified.

You can contact us for any queries you may have about your roof on 01753 358 267 or send us an enquiry.

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